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November 16, 2010


I had to look it up in the dictionary!

But lovely photograph.

Take a deep breath :-)

I remember winter setting in, Connecticut. Warm weather again in just five months! Except more like six, in your neck of the woods. And colder cold.

There was also something kind of fun about it, though, like ducking your head into a wave at the beach.

Thanks, Hannah! It's a good word, but I looked it up too, to make sure I was spelling it right!

Dale, just this morning, biking here (it's warm this week - 45 degrees) I was thinking, "well, we've made it through November without any really bad weather...so that means December, January, February...and in March we'll start to feel like spring is coming!" These are the mind-games of a northerner!

...and I should note that the photo was taken around 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday. Shades of London.

A stunning photograph and a new word. Who, could ask for more?!

Thank you.

One of my all-time favorite words and a beautiful picture to illustrate.

I have always loved that word. It makes me think of bats and pink and purple skies and tea by the fire in the fading daylight. But it comes too early in winter. Why do we have to have standard time?

Love the photo. The word always struck me as sounding so much harsher when spoken than what it describes.

Our dawns and twilights are very short here. Mostly, it's either light or dark. So I appreciate seeing these effects, which I have mostly forgotten about.

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