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November 18, 2010


First, if this is a personal loss, my condolences. On this post, the black and white photos weaving the views of softer nature and hard edged memorial together, were very much enhanced with the emotional content of the words which evoked the other senses of sound and touch (as compared to your link to the news photos the other day, which being of people, were emotional on their own.) Dignified.

Silent cemeteries are filled with stories. Silent cemeteries are filled with secrets. Silent cemeteries are a place where we may, if we choose, visit the resting place for one we knew and possibly loved.

Black and white photographs display simply the landscape or persons in old fashioned clarity. Crisp and clean images imprint my mind.

Should this funeral have been for someone dear, my sympathies, and may comfort be your companion.

Compelling photographs and words.

Stunning photos of a very interesting cemetary, the black and white so appropriate as are the words, a bracket around the loss of someone who was loved. My condolences if it was someone close to you, Beth.

Incredibly beautiful, stern and evocative - both words and photos.

Lovely and sad. My condolences on the loss.

Those black and white photos are quite wonderful. The words have the sadness and finality of death.

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