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November 12, 2010


Hey, MINT in that sandwich. Okay, bye, gonna google that address asap.

Best lunch in the city, Vivian, and cheap. Not only is their bread superior, they have all sorts of fillings - this was spicy tomato, you can get cheese, zaatar, lamb, chicken, all sorts of things. First they heat the bread you've chosen, then you tell them what you want rolled in it (tomatoes, mint, lettuce, onions, hot green pickled peppers, olives, turnip pickles...) and then they roll it up. Hot and incredibly delicious. Boulangerie Achtarout is located one street to the west of l'Acadie, across from Marché Centrale at 9215 Charles de la Tour (corner of Antonio Barbeau, or take Chabanel and turn left.) They make the bread in the back and you can buy packages of it there, plus a lot of other things. There are a few tables scattered around but it's basically a take-out place in front of the bakery.

Baked goods!

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