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November 05, 2010


Wishing you the best of luck and hoping for pictures later!

You made the best decision!

Aw. I know how that feels. :)

Ah, I hate days like that! Mine today was a bit hectic but not quite so complicated. Good thing to simplify.

Your decision is a grace note to many such I have made in the past.

Wow. It's so easy to get caught up in too many activities, I know. I recently put myself on a "work" schedule, although I'm retired. Five busy days a week, writing, exercising, going to classes, etc. and Saturday to shop and clean, but Sunday's a day of rest. I do not turn on my computer on the weekend. I'm amazed at how much more I accomplish.

Sympathies. I have learned the hard way that I'm only good for at most three projects a day. Some days, only one.

Where did my energy/focus/discipline/organization go?

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