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December 17, 2010


Excellent sketch, I agree and love the freedom you talk of! And that biscotti is making me hungry.

Cheers, Beth! That is a very charismatic spice grinder.

Love this. Even more, I love what you've said about writing. You often write just what I need to read. Thanks, Beth.

Happy Christmas baking!

Very true. And look what the cropping does. I like this lively sketch.

Sometimes a quick sketch, almost a cartoon, will capture the sense and character of its theme better than the considered drawing (says he who can barely draw water!). These are lovely - alive with the nature of their objects.

Beth, I love this drawing just as it is. I even like the division into two halves of the sketchbook. No cropping, no reworking it later, no judging!

Beth, I love the posting and the drawing. Have a happy holiday and a great new year.

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