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December 27, 2010


Lovely Peaceable Kingdom collection. Thank you for sharing.

Magic! I ask and it happens. What fun!

The pig is a dear, and the green zebra a treasure. (My pony Basil has eyes just like your zebra!)

Sweet! It's a Tree of Life, a symbol that recurs in my consciousness constantly. Yesterday I SAW one. On a vacant hillside, a walnut tree, asleep for the winter but still hung with withered walnut fruits and a few leaves. I watched a tiny bird fly and light upon a side branch, looked through my binoculars and saw that the Whole Tree was literally stuffed with birds, 100s, 100s of them! There were bluebirds, lesser goldfinches, red house finches, yellow-rumped warblers, juncos and sparrows. A rainbow of color filled the "dead" tree from top to bottom. Oh! a living christmas tree, singing.

Yeah, I cried.

I am jealous of your REAL tree with the wonderful ornaments that have nostalgic and aesthetic charm. It looks ideal.

Look up Dahlov Ipcar, an artist from Maine. Wonderful animal paintings for inspiration. She is 90 something and painting. There is a new book out about her which I bought for myself and my sister.
I loved the post above about the real life Christmas tree!

So delightful! It's the manger scene plus more and has all the whimsy and charm of Christmas. Happy New Year!

What a delightful change from the baubles and bangles and beads, Beth. Inspirational. I'll get the kids to work towards next year's tree!

great art man, I really glad to seen them, all are made with nice thought and looking really cool.....

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