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December 14, 2010


Congratulations! This sounds wonderful.

Bravo Beth and Jon! It looks terrific and I wish Phoenicia a brilliant New Year.
I like the way the design matches Cassandra pages too.

What a wonderful year it's going to be! I look so forward to reading Ren's work -- and Thaliad sounds fascinating too. :-)

You have a right to be proud of the gathering of music and writing offered at Phoenicia. So many roads to travel via the written word! Magnificent! Music to shift us to the heavens!

Internet is my luxury. Books and music I ferret out at our local public library! Some music online. Were I able, I would frequent your garden of delights.

Stellar collection, stellar presentation! Clear and precise, very professional. I am so excited for you.

I do wish you every blessing and favor to draw the right people who can avail themselves of all you offer.

Thanks so much, NT! Good luck on all your projects in 2011 too!

Natalie, that's a very nice compliment coming from you, thank you!

Thanks, Rachel! I'm really happy about what's happening and the good feelings this effort seems to be generating. And thrilled to be kicking it off with your beautiful book.

Magnolia, thank you and thanks for being such a faithful reader and commenter. I'm always glad to hear from you.

Wonderful relaunch! I am looking forward to more of the fine projects rolling off the presses at Phoenicia!

Very nice. (And Thaliad looks amazing.)

Congratulations! It all looks exciting and wonderful. Best wishes for a successful year ahead.

such wonderful news -- all of it. and what great titles and poets! i can't wait!!

Wow, all these titles sound absolutely fascinating and exceptional. I'm familiar with some of Rachel's and Ren's poems from their blogs and from other online publications and love both their work. The Thaliad sounds amazing. What a fantastic catalogue you are building. All very best wishes to Phoenicia and to your authors for growing success in 2011!

The new website is, of course, completely beautiful, clear and user-friendly - I'd expect no less from anything in your design stable.

Oooh, just catching up with your news, this sounds amazing - so excited for you!

A very impressive launch for this boat! My thanks and congratulations, Beth, Alex.

Ah, such a wonderful line-up. I can't wait to read them all -- fine, fine poets! Thank you, Beth. Best wishes for a lovely new year.

You know what you need? A sidebar link-badge for PP to go right under (or over) the qarrtsiluni badge.

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