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December 10, 2010


I was thinking of you only yesterday (was it just?) RE: the winter blahs... and my precise thought was "how nice it would be to have a choir to sing with like Beth has." Singing lifts one wondrously! And with that I turned the car radio up and sang along.

Reminds me to recommend to you AN Wilson's novel "Wise Virgin" . Compared to your usual reads I guess it would count as middlebrow but at this time of year....

My, Beth, you have been very busy! Wishing you many musical moments and joy as you prepare for Christmas.

I'm less stressed this year because for the first time in decades I'm not 'doing' the family Christmas. The cards and letters, though, are keeping me busy right now. Still trying to catch that 'spark'...

I know, frantic times! The faux-sunshine is good, though, as is reconnecting.

Holidays for me a simple and quiet.

Enjoyed your post.

Loved the Bach piece.I have played it a few times already

Holidays for me a simple and quiet.

"Precious and demanding" -- that's a wonderful way to describe this season. Yes.

Thinking of you as the snow falls gently on our winter hills.

Beth - I gave up on scarves a long time ago because they're such a hazard around bikes. I'm a neckwarmer gal now, highly recommend them.

Beth, sounds like your busy-ness is filled with satisfying, enjoyable things so that's OK then. Go with the flow!

Just the post I needed to read today. Thanks, Beth. I love the trying to lace boots with the scarves flopping down (don't I know this!) and the tomatoes too. and I will remember the oxygen mask advice.


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