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January 21, 2011


Wonderful. And the shape - it's the lid of the tagine :-)

Kia ora Beth,
I can smell it from here! Yum.

A cozy warm winter drink to chase away a winter chill.

Good job!

Blessings to you this fine day.

I should say!

I thought about starting a companion site called Slow Foods, but I have only three or four recipes. You, on the other hand . . .

If you don't have the time for such a worthwhile project, just have me over for dinner every night, and I'll do the posts!

Yes, Jean, you got it! Thank you...

Hello Robb! Hello Magnolia, both of you enjoying summer right now. Send us some warmth please!

Peter, that's a fun idea. This was a perfect "slow food" meal, taking a long time to cook and filling the house with wonderful fragrances, and then warming us and our guests who had walked here on a very cold night (it's only about 4 degrees now, mid-morning, and was colder last night.)


Oh, sensual! I love that line break - 'glis-tening'.

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