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January 31, 2011


Woohoo! I love this one, as I have all of your "stones." This one in particular seems an apt conclusion.

A beautiful end to a month of beautifully crafted small word-pictures and still-life paintings. I've absolutely loved finding these every day.

A beautiful gift for us just like all your January stones.
Thank you, Beth.

Yes, beautiful stones all month - thanks for the treasures, Beth.

Great finale. Thank you Beth.

Those are gorgeous!

The olives...the cherry...the stones...the words - all related, all lovinglyy woven into a January web.

Sorry for that extra "y"! Clumsy fingers on the keys.

Love love love.

"paper, pigment, love" ... wonderful trinity.

Love it! I've enjoyed your "stones" Beth - some really wonderful posts here. Congratulations on filling January with all these lovely posts.

Would make a WONDERFUL card. Just saying.

I've seen the original and it's even more beautiful!

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