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February 28, 2011


Just checked it out on Amazon -- it's their #1 selling camera, huge number of positive cutormer reviews. It does look lust-worthy. (Hell, anything capable of fitting in the pocket, or taking better macro photots than the beast I have now, inspires envy.)

New York is photogenic from nearly every angle, no? Enjoy the new camera. At Christmas, I treated myself to a slightly larger Canon point-and-shoot to replace my battered Lumix. I still don't know how to use most of the features, but it works fine in "idiot mode," and it fits in my purse.

beautiful photos Beth!

Your photos are always engaging. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more!

We're spent an impossible amount of money with B and H since the first day we walked in and bought a Sony Betacam (16,000 or so). There's a couple of books on photography I really liked when I was trying to understand it all. I'll send you the titles. I have the Canon 05D, the 07D and a Panasonic Lumix. And half a dozen video cameras...

Thank you for your kind mention of B&H Photo. On behalf of all of us at B&H Photo, please accept our warm thanks and deep gratitude for your patronage. We look forward to earning your trust and continued business for many years to come. I invite you and your fellow readers to check out our new,informative and entertaining blog at www.bhinsights.com

Hershel K. Waldner
B&H Photo-Video-Audio

Great photos, Beth!

I have been thinking about you this weekend while reading the glowing reviews of Teju Cole's Open City in both The New Yorker and the NY Times Review of Books. A great launch for it.

His guest posts here have always been a delight; thank you for introducing him to your readers. I very much look forward to reading the book.

Love the photos, Beth. Especially the black and white (where people fit into the city), though I guess the color shots are great are showing the diversity and energy of personalities.

These all images are looks such a very fantastic and nice to share with us. New York city is such a very best place to taking photographs in any where.

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