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March 15, 2011


At the moment it's difficult to look at a shoreline without seeing those images of that vast unnatural tide. You remind us here of the order and beauty of sea and shore and the peace and solitude that is to be found there.

I'm hoping you're going to reveal soon what the messages in the bottles said. Can't wait.

Oh dear...he said the messages were quite mundane! The continuation will be in a different venue.

it looks so serene. wish I was there. sigh. I love the beach, grew up on one. But I remember nor'easters too.

wonderful i would say meditative post.i look forward to the continuation

Fantastic! A real message in a bottle! I've never heard of one being found before. Wonderful post and pictures, Beth, wonderful place. Reminds me of a deserted beach in Florida (with adjacent citrus orchard) where Reg and I camped aeons ago. I didn't know there were still beaches like that in Florida.

You are so open and lovely...must be why you always encounter such interesting people.

Wow, that's so amazing! Real messages in bottles. And so beautiful, these photos, like you captured a ship or landscape in a bottle yourself.

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