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March 29, 2011


This made me laugh, Beth. Did you see the Salon piece about the best love scenes in fiction? It was kind of fun. And occasionally blush-worthy. Very American.

A Sport and a Pastime", by James Salter, who certainly went French. Yow! Too much for this American!

I follow your reading lists, so I'll be interested to know what titles you decide on.

I'll be interested to listen to this.

I really don't know about the different nationalities' attitudes to sex, I suspect there's a lot of projection and stereotyping that still goes on. Then again I'm generally fairly puzzled by what the rest (a typo just cause me to make that 'brest', there are a number of streets called 'rue de Brest' in this part of the world, which pronounced with a cod French accent cause us to snigger in a probably very reprehensibly British fashion...) of the world thinks and does about sex!

Do you think Americans are more or less prudish than Europeans? A recent controversy I stumbled upon on-line about American apparel advertising gave me pause for thought...

I've been reading Guy de Maupassant recently, works written in the 1880s - his frankness about sex and its complexities are astonishing compared to British writers of that time!

Well, you see, it wasn't that long ago that we Brits covered the legs of our pianos and tables lest they arouse the passions.
Me, I prefer the French approach to sex although watching some French films in the company of The Rags can be a tad hilarious as they try not to catch my eye and I try to pretend that their mother never did suc a thing!

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