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April 01, 2011


May the force be with you Beth!

Yes, Beth, may it be a light-filled silence.

Yes, Christians talk a *lot*, even when they're supposedly being silent :-)

I couldn't deal with a silent retreat. I have a distracting buzz in my right ear that can drive me nuts if I concentrate on it.
But: I'm sure you will have revelations to share after this.

Jacob and the angel keeps coming up for me -- just read it in Everett Fox, and I just read an article on the Gaugin exhibit in D.C.'s National Gallery. I love the idea of having that story as a theme! I think there's so much empty space in those Genesis stories that many of them might be useful in different forms of meditation.

I look forward to the full report! Bring a comfortable pillow.

Have a peaceful and fruitful retreat. I will be thinking of you.

Those pears are utterly sensuous.

I'm afraid I would keep thinking up blog posts or new paintings, and lose track of what I was supposed to be meditating about. I have an unruly mind.

Ssshh... [Left you a fb note, but I won't tell you that now because I'm being very quiet.]

beautiful photograph - just beautiful - quiet, intimate, mysterious

Good point. I hadn't thugoht about it quite that way. :)

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