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April 08, 2011


Colette. She looks like Collette to me.

Oh, she is gorgeous! I have no suggestions for names, but I do have serious envy. Give her a pat for me!

yeux verts




How about Colette? Wonderful pictures btw.


I'm sorry, but I have to say that your cat's name is definitely Eloïse. If it needs to be shortened, you may use "Elo" or "Lo."

Don't ask my why, but I took one look at her and the name arrived unbidden, as if before you even asked!


or: Susan.

or: Chachlique


but I like Chachlique also.

I've always wanted to name a cat Zodi.

I won't attempt a name, just a comment that she is beautiful and exotic. Lucky you. Hope she likes whatever name you pick out. (I'm assuming you will run the name past her first to make sure she'll answer to it). LOL






(You three are very fortunate. That's what I'm thinking! But I defer to the joli chat!) I'm so very happy.


She is adorable, and lucky to have found you. I love calicos...

What a pity Beth, I do not know French. I wish I knew, atleast for the reward that you offer :) Let me recommend these Tamil names - Kani, Azhagi or Ezhil (meaning beauty), Roja, Valli, Arasi
(Queen), Thangam (Gold)...

No name suggestions, but I'm glad she's staying!

Bonne Chance?

Minette? A bit of a classic but it's always cute. Can't wait to meet her!
There's also Charlotte.

Oh, what a sweetie!
Which is Doucette, I suppose.
Manon? or Ninon? Camille?

Tricolore - I know it's three syllables. She's gorgeous.

Minnaloushe, from "The Cat and the Moon" (Yeats)

Our long-haired calico with white whiskers is Theodora, though! She is a great hunter of socks and gloves.

Stay away from names with the letter S. It sounds like a hiss. I like Colette, or Chloe. She is lovely and will really add to your life. There is nothing as comforting as the love of a good cat.

Oh but she looks so much like my Mina, another brave little cat whose courage and determination saved her life when the vets had given up on her and we brought her home to die. She's lying on my bed demanding my attention right now, seven years later almost to the day!

I'd call her Liberte, Libby for short
or Gigi
or Anouche



Sauvon? Been a while since my high school french so I hope that's right--means saved?

in name and in character?
Please, put an end to my wandering round the house muttering cat names!

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