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April 14, 2011


I adore the cat's box. What a lucky kitty Manon is!

Oh the lucky car, lovely box, lovely owners and lovely name! I've always liked Manon, and of course there's 'Manon des sources' too...

So sweet. A lovely addition to your home. x

Love the name, love the box, love the cat. Hooray!


Manon is perfect.

Lovely home for the beautiful cat.

Aw, I'm so proud! I feel like I should send Manon a gift, rather than the other way around - like a godmother, you know? She is SO adorable, and I'm so happy she has found a home with you and J!

A darling kitten, and may she never lose her mittens!

So happy for you all. She has a beautiful name!

Adorable kitty-house: and the flowery house and cat together conjuring Manon de Florette.

Hâte de connaître cette jolie "Manon des sources" qui deviendra sûrement source de beaucoup de joies!

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