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April 17, 2011


Guess I checked just in the nick of time. Shall listen!

Well, a bit late getting here, but I am enjoying it very much! Nice to think that your voice is twined in there somewhere.

thanks beth I am listening.
d was working on those palm garlands until midnight last night.
(tho the one you photographed this am & posted here was done later by m.)

Beth, I listened. Such wonderful music, and great sound - the sense of the space. Most of all, amazing to know that one of the voices was yours. Bowled over anew by the wonders of the Internet.

That's a wonderful program. Wish I could have heard it. I adore the idea of quality, which is what you deliver here.

palm crosses never looked like that in my day! Sorry I missed the singing. Hope it went gloriously.

We need to get enough rest, eat well, and do some regular exercise

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