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May 11, 2011


That looks a very French, orderly, potager type garden!

I've no doubt sharing garden space must really encourage you to keep at it. We found gardening, and practical, visible constructive activity generally was a great way to initiate and facilitate communication. Bravo you!

I love getting a glimpse of your community garden.

And yes -- warmth and joie de vivre, for sure.

OMG Beth, I've been on vacation and am only now catching up with your postings. I've missed a lot! What wonderful photos and stories. Glad that spring is finally here. Glad to hear your garden is coming back to life.

I love your energy and the way you are always willing to try something new. It's inspiring.

How nice to see! I drive by a community garden going to and from work... and I think of you and wonder how the gardens compare. Now I have more of a visual. What delight.

we are stardust, we are golden...

Wow, this makes our little plot (from which I have just this moment returned) look a bit anarchic! I guess the presence all around of the friendly endeavour acts as incentive and inspiration.

Looks like pleasure to me!

After a month away, I found my garden exploding with flowers and weeds... In fact, I stepped out of the car and started weeding. Just couldn't stop myself.

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