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May 09, 2011


Oh, Beth, what a beautiful post this is!

It really was a loaves-and-fishes lunch, wasn't it?

It continues to be a joy for me that our friendship, nourished through these long years of textual interconnection, is so strong & so present. Not despite our differences, but through them, and through the places where we match, as well.

I'm selfishly glad that you were able to excuse yourself from the choir yesterday; sharing a hymnal and singing together was a real treat for me too.

Very nice post and for anyone with a sweet tooth like me tantalizing as well.A week ago from an oceanside cafe with internet in the little village on Vancouver Island where we keep a secong home I ordered Rachel's book being a fan of Velveteen Rabbi.When it comes I'll check it out with the most over the top pastry i can find

Lovely post. So nourishing to stop and realize sometimes both the deep things that make our religions distinct from each other and those that bind them irrevocably together.

Sounds like it was a wonderful time. It's such a joy to meet people in-person that we know so very well online (I hope we meet sometime!).

Those desserts. YES.

cake, friendship, singing - sweet indeed

Splendid sharing and photos. Being able to relax and soak up whatever is before of is a blessing indeed.

Thank you for sharing.

One of the greatest pleasures of blogging is getting to meet other bloggers that one has come to appreciate and love. Meeting in person really clinches the friendship. Lovely post.

Ah, that is pleasing--and so good that your cathedral is open to such events, too.

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