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June 18, 2011


The Episcopal Church year always reminded me of a pie chart with green predominating over the small slices and slivers that made up the rest of the year. I like how you describe it as "ordinary time." I wonder how no season seems directly dedicated to an eschatological period. It may be because the church is like the Orthodox Church -- amillennialist? (Though a confirmed Episcopalian, I know little about its theology . . .)

While I was growing up in the Episcopal Church, the interminable green season made me feel like the church calendar as a whole was on vacation, that we weren't made to take the excitement and drama of the purple and red and white without a large space to process it all and to put it in perspective.

Yes, Peter, that's exactly how I felt - and how it is, to some extent!

Oh my, what a programme, and what a feast of links! I shall be coming back to this a few times. St Patrick's Breastplate is a favourite from school days, and I love Byrd and Palestrina. Thanks Beth!

Lovely.I will come back to this too

Oh, good! Shall have to dig around and find it after company departs. I take it you are lector rather than lay reader since you did the first reading...

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