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July 22, 2011


:-) What a beautiful picture of the two of you!

Lovely post and lovely photos, especially of you and Marly! What a wonderful time you had.

lovely! i love reading your writing Beth!

I can see why you'd be attached to that landscape. What beautiful rolling hills! And I LOVE that abandoned general store. Is that the name "PAGE" I see in the windows? If so, then I have to buy that place! Ed could finally open his used bookstore and café ;)

You and Marly do look a bit alike in this picture. Could be the dark scoop neck shirts and the very similar glasses.

Fascinating report and photos. Indeed there's an almost sibling ressemblance between you and Marly. How amazing that she lives in 'your' part of the country - and what a wonderful landscape that is. I love the little Beth next to the white cow behind the fence; let's have more childhood pics?

Perhaps this is the start of something like the purple-clad red-hat ladies... Club of kindred spirits in black t-shirts and regulation glasses!

Let's do it again soon. I have another friend with a show at the Earlville Opera House gallery in the fall... I'll have to check and see when you will be back. (And of course, I'm there at Sherburne-Earlville frequently with sports, particularly wrestling.)

I'm glad you didn't come today, as it is Hall of Fame weekend. The level of idiocy in driving is quite high.

Oh, Beth... you'd better go look visit Mole aka Dale! He mentioned that our pictures had "followed him around." XD

You do look like sisters!

I have some history from Cooperstown west-Mohawk, Herkimer, Utica, the Finger Lakes. The landscape is indeed memorable. I taught at SUNY, Geneso for 6 years. Agnes Halsey Jones from Cooperstown wrote the catalog for my first curated exhibition, The Hudson River School. Louis Jones, her husband and former director of the American Folk Art Museum wrote "Things that go Bump in the Night." Fond memories for me too. Thanks

What a delight to come here and read what you've said and see your photos and hear all about your meeting with the always wonderful, enchanting, and terribly talented Marly. Lucky you, both of you.

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