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July 13, 2011


Oh, that's just heartliftingly beautiful!

When I walked by on my way home yesterday I just had to stop and take the photograph! It's the red bike that really makes the picture, I think. The scene struck me like a huge still life.

Beautiful composition...I love these seams between homes.

Ooooooo. Lovely!

A place I would love to visit and photograph. Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine.

Yes, the red bike, and the red on the steps and the street sign.

Absolutely gorgeous! Was the red house really so vibrantly red or have you enhanced it? I want to live in that house.

Composition is terrific too. Take out the details (but don't!) and it's a wondrous abstract painting.

I didn't enhance the photo, Natalie, though I did adjust the brightness to make it a little darker than my original shot, which was a bit overexposed. The house was brilliant in the late afternoon sunlight. I do by it almost every day, in the opposite direction (it's a one-way street) but had never noticed it like this before.

Are the hydrangeas white? I've never seen white ones before: just various shades of purples and pinks.

I agree with everyone else: great picture!

Wow, Kristin, that's a cool comment! In the NE, all our hydrangeas are white unless we put special chemicals in the soil to make them blue or pink. I have a friend who's been trying to make hers blue for years, with no luck!

You have to go to Brittany to see hydrangeas in every colour, they are the local favourite flower, most gardens have them, in fact they line one side of my drive and I can't, for the life of me recall if they're pink or blue! The colour is, I am told, dependent on the acidity of the soil but my mother in law had a pink and a blue one growing side by side so I think it may also depend on the will and wishes of the gardener!
Yes, lovely picture indeed...

I really like that one--love the sliver of red on the sign and the red bike--also the orange running under the railing. Delightful collisions. I like the simplicity of the mop-head hydrangeas too--goes well with the houses. My hydrangeas are...blue, with faint touches of green and pink.

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