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August 31, 2011


Kitteh! So cute.

"The Town of Cats," sounds interesting. I love cats.

You have had many good and interesting posts......

How can she keep all those names straight?


Aaaah...beautiful book-loving feline. I'm getting dangerously attached to my visitor-cat Pushkin and miss him when he doesn't appear. Must do something to break this dependence!

Murakami also has an interesting book on running "What I talk about when I talk about running' which is dedicated,inter alia,"to all the runners I've encountered on the road- those I've passed,and those who've passed me" Russian short stories maybe would good after the daunting look of the two Tolstoy books at the end of the shelf

Started out GROANING appropriately at the pun and then read the story. Whew! Cross Borges with Chekov ...

Great ear expression!

What is her opinion of Norman Mailer?

Natalie, there is only one solution to that problem. Get a cat of your own!

John, that's one Murakami I haven't read. And if you haven't read Anna Karenina or War and Peace, you should -- the length ceases to be a problem once you get into the stories, they are both terrific books. Maybe not for a cat, though!

Yes, Vivian, exactly...

Hattie, I was wondering the same thing -- and wondering if anyone else would notice!

This morning I saw she'd tossed The Gulag Archipelago onto the floor...

Beth, I'm not getting a cat! No way will I commit to cat-hairs stuck to my clothes and everything, not to mention all that business with cat-litter. This is only a part-time-relationship, I swear

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