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August 19, 2011


Go you, Beth - love this.

Thanks, Nic! Delighted that you like it!

Wow! That print is one of the finest original works I've seen online.

Great job Beth, wood cuts are the end.
Has anyone taken a look at The Library of America's two volume boxed set of Lynd Ward's six novels in woodcuts? Expensive but beyond belief. Each woodcut of each story is printed on the right hand page only. He worked on these from the depression to the outset of World War II. Ward is considered America's first great graphic novelist and a socially committed storyteller.

Thank you so much, Peter!

Hal, do you have a link to any of Lynd Ward's novels online? (Well, I can Google them). Thanks for the suggestion. I have been looking at woodcuts, linocuts and wood engravings for a long time; they fascinate me but I don't know a lot of the great artists. I'm a big fan of German expressionist prints, but often find the subjects and treatment too dark. Their use of the page and positive/negative space was superlative though.

Oh yes. I think these are mainly wood engravings and they are very fine. http://www.google.ca/search?q=lynd+ward&hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&hs=3rZ&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&prmd=ivnsbo&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=0_dOTvHjFuf50gGH5KjhBg&ved=0CDYQsAQ&biw=1046&bih=619

Beth, that's great! You would really blossom as a printmaker if you had time to devote to it. I love both the drawing and the print.

A few examples of linocut prints by Yaron, an Israeli artist and friend whose work I'm sure you'd like:

And a line-up of German expressionist woodcuts:


i know nothing about Art but i know quite a bit about the"rushed" feeling.Okay i did go to a Art gallery/museum in Hamburg a couple of years which seemed to feature expressionist art which seemed dark.Don't go dark Beth

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Don't worry, John, not much chance of that -- dark isn't me!

I love this piece, Beth! Can't wait to see it in person.


The Library of America is the web site for Lynd Ward's books. Go to loa web site then authors and Ward, Lynd and it lists the books. The page listing the books show a number of his woodcuts.

Art Spiegelman of Maus fame edited each volume. Ward did study in Germany. Ward discovered a copy Die Sonne by Frans Masered who is considered the person that invented the woodcut novel.

Most of the book published by The Library of America are top of the line and I have many but these two are the finest they have produced. The two volumes are over 1400 pages.

Further to the previous comment, that should, of course, be Frans "Masereel", Belgian master of the graphic novel in the early 20th century. His wonderful work was admired by many -- including, if I remember correctly, Thos. Mann, Hermann Hesse and Stefan Zweig.

PS Congratulations on the woodcut, Beth.

Holy shziint, this is so cool thank you.

I see on your article you have a couple images either hosted from your page or from a offsite provider. I wondered what you found is the top way, having the pics outsourced on a service like imageshack or is it best to have the pics completely placed on your own server?

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