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September 11, 2011


Beth, thank you. I'm out of town this weekend & not making it to Church. This helps me remember that day in a good way.

Thank you for sharing these, Beth. Especially having had the blessing of sitting beside you and Jonathan in your beautiful cathedral a few months ago, I can imagine what it was like to hear these prayers recited (indeed: to recite them aloud) in that beautiful space. Thank you for opening that up for me today.

Well done. I sometimes find the PotP to be not as well written as desired and have the urge to tweak them.

'Because we cannot believe strongly enough in love'. Shared territory, the heart of this, Beth, heathen though I am!

Late, but heartfelt thanks for speaking to my emotions of the day, and the needto continue to find hope when so many people continues to choose violence in response to fear. There's so many things we should be afraid of and working together to solve, like global warming, but instead we bicker, threaten, hurt and ultimately bomb each other instead.

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