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September 07, 2011


So dramatic in black and white, just stunning, Beth! Just curious, do you have a press, or did you use a wooden spoon?

Beautiful Beth!!

Congratulations on this, Beth. I particularly like the way in which you capture the perspective in the upper part. Lovely proportions and balance: the effect is very pleasing.

I love this.

Mmm, I like this version. Amazing what one (you one, that is!) can cook up with some lino and a spoon.

Oh,lovely! Really a great development from the drawings.

Thank you to everyone for the comments! Marja-Leena, no, I don't have a press - I use an old, smallish wooden spoon after rubbing the whole surface with a cheap bamboo-covered baren.

Robert - thank you for the specific comment, it's helpful and appreciated. and Natalie, I'm delighted that you think so!

Very creative and bold design!

Well done Beth, this is a real achievement. A strong piece of work.

Thank you, Vivien.
Thank you, Clive. Already I am critical of the weaker passages in it, but know I'm moving forward -- and excited to get on to the next one!

Wonderful to follow this this process! That centrifugal whorl in the foreground just whooshes the viewer right into the center of the print, where we can stop, get our bearings, enjoy the stillness, and then get back on the dark road, leading outward towards the horizon!

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