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October 16, 2011


It clearly matters greatly both to self-proclaimed goth and avowed emo that the crucial differences be made clear to an uncomprehending world. To we the slightly interested onlookers I suspect the distinctions turn on a pinhead, much as the doctrinal details that differentiate between, say, the Communist Party of England (Marxist-Leninist) and the British Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) or the Christadelphians and the Foursquare Church. As far as I can make out from a little informal research done amongst a group of assorted teenagers goths hate everybody and everything except certain bands, as do emos but the latter are slightly less pissed off than the former.

WhatEVER. They're great photos, Beth!

Another culture for sure. Great photos. Amazing what all is in our world. So fun to see all the different ideas.

Ah yes, you caught the vibe of the various tribes which hang around Camden Market, Beth. I forgot to tell you about a Goth pub which you might have missed down Kentish Town Road - an extraordinary array of characters and clothes to be seen there, perfect photo-fodder.

but that's what I wear to work!

Just want to say thank you yet again for your wonderful photographs and evocative writing. I haven't been to the UK for 5 years now but looking at your London posts takes me straight back. And your Iceland experience makes me want to go there - though financial constraints mean it is highly unlikely to happen. So I shall just have to keep travelling vicariously via books and blogs like yours.

Oh, what fun, Beth. Thanks for sharing the experience.

I love London - nobody turns a hair!

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