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October 10, 2011


Wonderful images - the last one is my favourite. I did not see this part of London.

Great Pics! I love those heads in the window. And the back views of J and R walking ahead. The canal banks look surprisingly uncrowded, usually on a fine day they're packed with people.

Terrific photos! Bet you had fun.

Looks as if you enjoyed splendid weather over there.
Hope it lasts--or returns--for us to enjoy while we're there.
Your reflections on the changes in London/England and in yourself during your 11 years' absence made wonderful reading.

I came across this online version of an 1868 map of London today and thought you might find it interesting - this square shows the site of the faulty-doored facility. You'll see on the overview map how the built-up part of London stops not far north of Regent's Park.

Does travel broaden the mind, or does the mind broaden fully to encompass travel?

Beautiful pictures. I love the second one, and the heads :-)

one year I did an epic walk from Islington to the Thames along the Regent Canal. Inc a half hour break for coffee in Victoria Park Hackney it took me four and a half hours. It was wonderful though the most quiet peaceful walk in the middle of a great city. The loos at the Tower of London are the be recommended at the end of the walk! I spent the next day just sitting reading a novel though...

Funny how familiar it looks, although I've never been there. Oh, maybe it's that movie with Tilda Swinton and Ewan Macgregor I saw, Young Adam, was it? Very sexy!

Beth (and anyone interested in London life) should head on over to the Spitalfields Life website--a Wonderful site. Today's post is about Londoners and their fashions, some along the Regent's Canal.


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