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October 19, 2011


I, too, have found myself increasingly drawn to Chris Hedge's works while being increasingly dissatisfied with President Obama's actions.

Even the Democratic Party seems to have abandoned Labor Unions and those they represent.

Not sure if any large organization has ever been serious about environmentalism, as everyone seems willing to sacrifice the environment for the "sake of jobs."

My take is that we join the new movement while continuing to work through our issues in the traditional ways. Both approaches are important. The best thing about the OWS movement is that they keep repeating that we are the 99%. We don't want a liberal fire squad, with liberals attacking each other while the right wing moves together. Affluent people like us are not the out of sight rich, and we can give so much to the leftist cause because we have time and money to offer. That is why I am so delighted that republicans are having such a time finding a candidate for president and exposing themselves for the nut jobs they are.

There are many areas that Obama has failed, banking crimes, more and more wars, civil liberties but the one least or not at all spoken about is how he feels that he can assassinate an American citizen without due process. No evidence, no trial, no nothing just kill him on Obama orders. How can this happen? Now in a second drone attack we have killed the son of Anwar al-Awlaqui two weeks later. Anwar al-Awlagui's father said his grandson wanted to visit his father but he was too late. On his way back home he was at a dinner which was hit by a drone attack. He is 15 years old not the 21 that the United States said he was. His cousin 17 was also killed. Anwar al-Awlaqui and his son were American citizens. Just because some terrorist expert in the government says so does not make it so. But if it is so, arrest him, produce the evidence and hold a trial. How could Obama fall so far so fast. He is a constitutional lawyer and Harvard graduate etc. etc. If that means anything. Hardly a mention by the pundits of this act, all a disgrace to journalism. Has anyone thought if Obama can kill Awlagui and his son he can assassinate you or me or anyone who is a an American citizen if he says so. Is there a way back from all this? Or is all HOPE gone from the United States???

I think we know by now who Obama works for.

Don't know if you saw this video of Hedges at OWS, Beth:

perhaps Obama inherited a runaway train when he was elected, a poisoned chalice? Did not the previous government set in motion a whole series of disasters? it was they who began 'the war on terror', it was under their watch that the economy began to crash, it was Bush who declared global warming a fallacy. It seems to me that Obama was set for a crash from the start.

How I wish I could read this commentary on 'the state of Denmark' in Canada and the USA and feel some slight frisson of schadenfreude here by England's cosy hearth. Sadly not. Our left is fragmented, mired in empty, anachronistic rhetoric that fails to recognise that Marx's time is now, not way back when. Party-line liberalism has prostituted itself to the right, leaving the movement (such as it ever was) hopelessly compromised. And 'anti-capitalism', increasingly manifest in our large cities, is not a movement. Outside the anarchism of many of its movers and shakers (whose overall analysis strikes me as a good deal more reasonable than anyone else's), it has no core ethos. It presents no alternative beyond an essentially liberal demand that capitalism be made accountable through legislation. Yeah, right.

Sadly true, Beth. I often wonder if we can break the pattern, when monied interests control the government and elections.

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