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October 13, 2011



Wonderful. I have flown over this Icelandic landscape and it is a marvelous sight from the air. The colorfulness of it surprised me, as I recall. I admire the photo of the pool, especially. I did not know that geyser derives from an Icelandic name for the geyser you saw.
I love two things most in the natural world: the sea and volcanic landscapes, and I enjoy them both here. The Big Island of Hawaii perfectly satisfies my need to be in nature. And very often we are alone in giant landscapes at Volcanoes National Park. This island is composed of several mountains, two of which are the largest mountains in the world, and we have almost every climate, from tropical to arctic.

Fire and brimstone, indeed! Great photos and post, Beth. I may have mentioned this earlier, but just around the time you were in Iceland we watched an episode on DVD from a series called Geologic Journeys (a CBC production), this one covering mostly Iceland and all the massive changes going on there and continuing, as you say. Quite mind-blowing and I envy your having been there!

Eek!!! Gorgeous!!! I'm dying to go there.

Literally mind-blowing. I can imagine how small and awed one might feel in such a landscape.

Sometimes when walking down the street, I try to visualise what is really going on beneath my feet, the boiling core of the earth, the planet itself spinning around in endless space....*real* reality is frightening and humbling.

The movie based on Beowulf was filmed in Iceland--perfect landscape for it, though the winds made filming difficult. I love the photo of rising steam in particular.

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