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October 05, 2011


amazing Beth!

This is so creative. I'll just add that the electricity you used to post this, if it comes from fossil fuels, would be some 100's of millions of years old in the timeline.

Thanks, K!

What a wonderful observation and addition to the timeline, Lilian! Thanks!

Amazing indeed, and I love Lilian's contribution too! I am really enjoying all your travel photos, Beth, and looking forward to more. (I did comment on an earlier post but it seemed to have disappeared into another time warp.)

Extraordinary photos. I especially liked the visitor walking past the Roman mosaics.

I was talking to my husband about you and your wonderful photos from London. We haven't been there since the 80's. He said, "I wonder if we would even recognize it today."

That bridge (aka the Wobbly Bridge) makes an appearance in Julian Barnes's novel The Sense of An Ending.

How beautiful and evocative! I'm so glad you got to see all this - and with golden sunshine reflecting off the river and filtering through the glass roof of the Great Court.

Fascinating photos. I don't know if you're still in London, but the Museum of London is well worth a visit. London dating from primeval sludge, as far as I remember!

A feast for the eye, and for the mind.

Do you know of the BBC series "A History of the world in 100 objects"? There is a book based on this series, which is full of objects (from the British Museum) you've shown us a glimpse of - priceless and endlessly fascinating.

Really like these London pictures. Used to live there -I used to work for Camden Council- and often feel nostalgic!

In the British Museum did you come across "The History of the World in 100 Objects"? (it's a book and a radio series by the museum director). Somebody bought me the book...


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