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October 26, 2011


The second and third, in particular, hurt, making me pine for unfettered vision like flight.

Hmm. There's definitely a poem in "Castrating the Moon," but I don't know if I'm up to it :-)

Wow. I'd love to go.

Beautiful and somehow very profound, Beth. Of course I love the rocks - very interesting with all the small holes in them - unlike any I recall seeing.

Dale, it would be fun if you tried!

Bill -- yes. There are a few hang glider and ultralight flight videos of this area on YouTube if you really want to go UP, but none of them are terrific...

The rocks are all volcanic, Marja-Leena; I'd never seen any like them either. In some of my geologic reading, post-trip, I read that not all rounded volcanic rocks have been tumbled by the ocean, some of them actually emerge out of the volcanoes this way. Of course I have no idea about the ones on this beach, and there were certainly many others nearby that looked less regular and less well-worn.

Wonderful photographs. I was asking my husband if we had ever seen rocks like that, and he said there are similar ones on the Oregon coast, but not with holes in them. I'm speculating that the rocks started to cool before all the gas got out of them, and that made holes as the gas escaped.

On our trip, we did not travel west of Reykjavik, so these pictures reveal an unseen face of Iceland. They also show that there is a universe, beautiful and unexplored, right at our feet.

What beautiful shots and scenery! Makes me ache to go there!

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