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November 02, 2011


I am happy too! It makes me feel warm inside. Thank you, for sharing.

Wonderful. good for you, Beth and J!

I look forward to hearing of your experiences bearing witness,combatitive or otherwise.I am not sure what success is in this context but i wish you both well in this

That's great to hear!

Glad to hear the movement spreading in new directions, and to see people wanting this request for fair play to be taken up by institutions whose goals should be to protect society. I believe people are inherently good, but easily swayed at times by habit, political soundbites, and pundits' rhetoric. Some people seem to think that those stuck in poverty should just quit complaining, apply themselves, and work harder---as if those working two minimum-wage jobs, working the mines, the fields, or the sweatshops are not working hard, that they somehow have the same options and personal resources available to them that the middle and upper classes take for granted. I'm hopeful when I see the OWS movement resonating with people around the world.

I think it's possible to write in multiple areas pre-tenure, especially if you can relate those areas to each other. I, too, focus my scholarship on Election Law, but have written a few pieces about procedure and election law. Indeed, someone recently referred to me as an "election law proceduralist!" Given that, I've tried to play in both the election law world and the civil procedure world. I don't know if I've been successful,or if I would be better off focusing on election law to the exclusion of civil procedure. But if there are two areas that interest someone pre-tenure, my sense is that if you can come up with a way to relate those in some manner there is little cause for concern.

Hope spreads!

Nice to know that "Occupy" is everywhere.

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