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November 02, 2011


Wow, I love each of these! Yes, I can picture your fingers very well, Beth... sure your face and shirt aren't also smudged (that would be me)?

Be careful--my friend Yolanda is having therapy from doing too many detailed pen and ink drawings. That said, I like this progression!

It occurred to me just now that not all arts lend themselves to be shown as a progression in this manner, as the work evolves. Can't think of doing this for writing, for instance (It won't be easy to read at all, and the transitions won't be so obvious.)

These drawings slow down time, and hint at the metamorphosis of the landscape over eons. So each frame, though incomplete, seems appropriate in its own way. (I suppose drawings of inanimate objects won't have the same effect.)

I'm thrilled to read and see your process, Beth. I feel I am there with you, following your inner prompts, experimenting with mass, shape, and line, reaching to get the thing right... whatever that thing is.

When I was little I used to have a book of Norse myths, and I remember that the images of Niflheim--one of the primordial realms of the not-yet-created-world--looked just like your drawings, so much so that it's nearly unnerving to see it again here. I've seen photographs of Reykjavik, but it's not the same. I think your hand captured something ancient.

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