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November 23, 2011


Just wonderfully evocative of all things that spell early winter. Not quite ready for it, myself, but it is just a week or two away. I am clutching at the last golden leaves and orange squash of autumn, at least until Friday.

oh how beautiful
Last night I found myself full of nostalgia for snow and this morning I woke to it, even if it's only second-hand snow it's lovely!

And yes, nothing tastes quite as good as snow!

wonderfully sensual - we're still in the strangely mild prelude here

Taking a walk with you is so much fun!

Thanks for the images. I love first snows of the season, always have and probably always will. Here in Boston were having our second October of 2011, Indian summer at the end of November. Of course we did have snow on Halloween weekend. Best regards, Pablo

Love the images, Beth. I can't say my heart was really ready for our first snow, but it arrived so beautifully, coating all the branches, turning the brown and dried landscape into white perfection,that I had to open my heart to it. Hope the remaining snows of winter go easy on you, that you get the snowfall needed while streets remain clear and drive-able. How is that for a holiday wish.

dear friends merry christmas

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