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December 02, 2011


Wow, how beautiful! So much better looking than Movember! (My male colleagues grew moustaches for Movember, the charity event for men's health, with rather mixed aesthetic results but good fund-raising results.) I can't knit, but I can certainly wear and appreciate the beauty of wool and the talents of the knitters out there. Will have to remember next year.

Thank you so much Beth! I had a lot of fun, and the blog posts on the Wovember site are all fascinating. I hope they do it again next year, and I hope to be slightly more prepared!

Lovely! Thanks very much, Beth. I have several knitting friends who will enjoy this.

I was just reading that the last company in Sweden to make the traditional mittens has closed. So now the mittens are made in China. I don't think I could find time to knit but if I did, I'd make those. They are thick lanolin left in wool in grey with a colored bit on the cuffs. Very very warm.

ancient field divisions. The landscape, 4,000 years ago, had already been shaped by the cultivation of sheep, the use to which it is still put. Scanty pockets of trees in open pasture. At about this time there is evidence that the people of northern Europe had begun spinning wool and weaving textiles. I love the way this relationship – animal-human-landscape-textile – is so deeply, well, woven. (Also the wool and the lichen. But that’s another story.)”

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