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January 25, 2012


What a weird combination... Of course, the farther North you go, the more you see weird sales combinations. But this is Montreal... Or do they sell more?

Nope, so far as I could tell, that's it!

My mother-in-law's mother came from an English town that had a blouse and cake shop, so it seems that food and clothing have a tradition that spans countries as well as continents.

The product mix in the espadrille shop didn't really surprise me. Maybe I've gotten used to all sort of retail oddities here, but I suspect that the owner is Portuguese and simply trying whatever native products he can find in order to make enough to pay the rent. I like the idea of cake and dresses -- why not?

That's a nice jolt of colour. Do Greek boot-makers still exist in Montreal? I am having a flashback to a pair of boots I had made in the 1980s. Amazing that even as a poor student I could afford them.

What is the name of the espadrille shop, I would love to buy some come Spring? Yes, there is still a Greek boot maker. I got a beautiful pair of custom made boots a year ago. However, he did comment that out of 49 shoemakers that were in operation when he started, there are only 2 in operation now. I love my boots, and they are extremely comfortable. Made just for me!

Hi Kathryn -- I don't know! But I'll find out -- I think the sign simply said "Espadrilles." I'll get the exact name and address and let you know. Will you tell me where the Greek bootmaker is?

That's what I love about Montreal. Things come and go but some remain, and there is always some story in it all.

They also have a website in 3 languages: www.espadrillestore.com
On the website they explain in detail how and where the espadrilles are made, very cool !

Hi Everybody, the name of the store is :
L'ESPAGNE A VOS PIEDS (Spain at your feet)

I opened the store on the 3rd of December, all the products in the store are from Spain.
The espadrilles are handcrafted in my hometown village of Cervera del rio Alhama, in la Rioja, Spain.

I remain at your entire disposal if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Diego Arnedo
US / CAN webstore: www.EspadrilleStore.com
EURO webstore: www.EspadrilleStore.eu

SPAIN AT YOUR FEET (Store and warehouse)
4518 Rue St-Denis
H2J 2L3 Montréal
Qc, Canada
Tel: (514) 214-6454
Fax: (514) 807-7691
e: info@espadrilles.ca

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