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March 31, 2012


I was happy to hear that you were teaching! It's hard. People bring such huge expectations to it. You need to let them down, but gently.

Bravo, Beth. You are making excellent use of all the gifts God gave you - if I were God, I'd be very proud. But pride isn't Godly, is it? So I'll be proud as your friend.

Wow, quite an undertaking, Beth. But your grounding as stated above qualifies you so well for the role. And those last two paragraphs speak of crucial personal perspectives that should inform all teaching process. You'll be exhausted but exhilarated when all's done!

Wrestling match with the ego..yes that seems like an apt metaphor for what goes on at times.A few years ago a buddhist Tibetan woman of almost saintlike character whom i much admired, happened to sit next to me at a function.I said to her that I had read that Buddhists say if you can take leave of your ego you can be free do you think that is so? In answer she spoke of her life, which because of the choices she had consciously made, she would never have those material things most of us think make life worthwhile.She was telling me I think the acquisition of material things is a manifestation of the ego.If that is so and i have to think it is,the ego is one tough opponent to wrestle down and pin

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