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March 13, 2012


What a horrible thing to have water leaks. I'm glad the insurance is covering everything including this very nice hotel stay. I must say I feel as if I'd like to be in Montreal again after seeing this photo... am looking forward to more.

Sounds swank. Live it up!

I would find it difficult to dread champignons! They really use it of mildew?

Anyway, yes, what Dave said, enjoy swanking it in the big city! :-)

Where is kitty?

I'm with Sharyn...

Manon is at the studio, where she lives, and that's where I am right now too ;-) Don't worry, we're still coming here to work every day and give quality kitty-time. I don't think she'll notice much difference!

Exquisite photo; sounds like a real adventure.

I'm hoping you have one of those great spa bathrooms. Enjoy!

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