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March 19, 2012


I love unusual and exciting contemporary architecture. There are too many boring concrete boxes around. This is quite stunning with its irregular shapes outside, the reflections, and the honeycomb windows. I'm surprised and impressed by the use of such skilled Asian workers.

This reminds a little of the new Helsinki Music Centre, especially the reflections from the sky and sun on the outside glass. The interior spaces have a similarity as do the muted greys, though there are punches of colour in the latter. A similar Nordic sensibility as you say. I wish I could visit both to actually feel the space.

Quasi brick! Quasi hive. It's beautiful, and the picture of it reflected in the harbour is breathtaking.

Goodness me. That's a whole new level of sophistication on the part of spammers there (at least to me, but I lead a sheltered life). Lifting text from both your post and the first comment. ingenious.

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