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March 22, 2012


Nice! And now we're all on tenterhooks, awaiting part two! I'm eager to read this, having just now finished Elizabeth's Spencer's 'Landscapes of the Heart." I'm fascinated now by Southern settings in a way I never have been...well, I did love Faulkner in college, but that's about it. Love your "cruel, ingenious insects," a hint of delightful words, phrases, lines, paragraphs, etc., to come.

Thanks, Beth--

Had some more of those picture comments! Now I'm telling everybody that we hand out black T-shirts and glasses whenever people come over!

Laura, I'm looking forward to lunch with Elizabeth Spencer in May... Though my father detested Faulkner and thought him unjust to the South,there are things about his childhood that feel Faulknerian to me.

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