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March 20, 2012


There is, indeed, a froggy chorus in this part of rural Quebec. I heard them "peeping" for the first time as I stood in the darkness last night. A special moment.

Congratulations on your blogiversary! When you asked how long we've been here reading, I had to go back and check and I put you in my RSS feed over 184 entries ago. I know I probably was reading periodically before then, but that's when I became a regular reader. I've certainly enjoyed the journey. May you have many more years ahead.

Your voice is one of the warmest voices on the Internet. I read you since over two years and I've found inspiration and insight in your pages, and a human I respect very much in you.

Happy anniversary, dearest Beth.

Με αγάπη,

Happy 9th blog birthday! I think I've happily known Cassandra for almost eight of those years. Best wishes for many more.

I'm glad you are enjoying this wonderful weather I've been hearing about - the warm and early spring and summer-like weather in eastern Canada! Such an unusual reversal with our so-called balmy west coast! We even had snow yesterday, brr.

Heard first frogs today, first peepers tonight. Only been reading your blog for a couple months. Two kudos to you, one for quality and one for dedication!

Holy wow! Nine years.

I am so grateful to know you.

I have no idea how long I've been reading, but it's surely been awhile—at least since before you published your book. And glad for it, too!

Whoa. Congratulations!

so many beutiful flowers. they are very brave to live there.

Wow, congratulations. I started reading you sometime during the lead-up to the (second) Iraq war, when you were more political in tone. That's a long time! Many happy returns of the day.

Here in south west Turkey our frogs started about ten days ago after the hardest winter for 30 years. Congratulations on 9 years, I have been reading for 5 - 6 of those and you are amazing to keep up such a high standard of writing, photography and illustration for so long. I write a community information website in partnership with one other person (we post daily updates); translate written Turkish to English, mainly academic articles; work as a wedding planner for destination weddings May - October and vaguely run a house and garden so, like you, have a diverse life and frankly I can't imagine slotting in a thoughtful, and thought provoking, blog. You manage it and shlould give yourself a huge pat on the back for doing it so well over such a long period. Let's raise a glass to many more years of Cassandra.

Nine. Unbelievable how time passes. Congratulations and thanks!

Congratulations, Beth! Hurray for longevity! :-)

Bravo ma chère amie de neuf ans! We are two little nine year-olds together and long may the blogs and the friendship continue. Your verbal and visual sensitivity, skill and dedication come across with every post, without fail. Cassandra is a wonder and a joy (that's you too).

I think it has been about 4 years since I found Cassandra. I start the day with you.

Nine years is impressive!
I've been reading for maybe 3 years. Thanks for the thought provoking writing and illustrations.
Here in se BC it looks like the first sunny day in weeks, but we still have 30 cm of hard cold snow on the ground.

I have learned from this site.In my world there few higher compliments.

Nine! May there be many more.

Congratulations. I guess I started reading here sometime in 2009 or so.

Happy 9th!

Congratulations. I don't remember how long I have been reading your blog, but I know it has been a while and everytime I come here, I feel I'm home because of your lovely and insightful writing. Thank you Beth for being here and I'm grateful I 'met' you. Happy Belated Birthday Cassandra:))

Happy belated blog-birthday, Beth. Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading however-long-ago I started reading blogs. What a wild and wonderful time it's been.

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