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April 11, 2012


Hah! An often-told but much-liked scenario. Very cute, your version...

Hee, love it!

Once they get a little rip in their space suits, it's over for them.

Lol......the background bunnies in photo 2.....

Love the space suit comment, Mike. (Are you a poet or something?)

I am laughing out loud and hubby is wondering what the heck I'm reading. Love da bunnies! And as for coconut covered bunny cake, as you asked on my blog, I certainly LOVE coconut and the cake was made by my mother that way, but there are some coconut haters in the house. You've reminded me that we used to leave the ears and bowtie bare of coconut for them and coconut the face. We never, however, dyed the coconut and now I am hot to try it next yaer.

Love (adore, truly) your story. :) Delightful, and a surprise!

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