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April 17, 2012


Love the sketch. Are some self-portraits on their way to the Cassandra Pages, Beth?

Hi Pica -- No, I don't think so! Only the on-going ones in words. But you never know!

"Other people may evade us, but our own features are almost too familiar."

I'm not so sure. For instance, I know my wife's features better than I know my own. Perhaps what the above extract shows above all is the great lengths of time Ms.Woolf spent in front of her mirror.

Montaigne: the world's first blogger, wasn't he? And the greatest of them all. (His château in France is not too far from where I live; I want to visit it it someday.)

Cat sketch: alluring repose.

There is power in a writer believing that he is like other people--I always think that is a strength of Shakespeare's, as well as the reason others through time have believe that Shakespeare could not have been Shakespeare and must be somebody else.

Did you read Sarah Bakewell's book on Montaigne of a couple of years ago? A terrific read and really whetted my appetite for him...

"But the essence of a landscape, a person, or a feeling can't be added up out of small parts, like a sum." A true insight fellow poet and artist. We all hope to see more in those around us but I believe people rarely try to break out of the mold and act...they just hope. A hope with no action.

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