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April 27, 2012


So sorry about the loss of your stove, though the new one sounds lovely! I wish I could join you for J's pizzas...and for the launch of Ancient Lights, which I can't wait to own!

As soon as our stovetop dies, I want one that is as easy to clean as a ceramic cooktop! I had one at a place I used to rent and I loved it. You have to be careful about the kind of pans you put on it (no iron pans, I think) but as far as cleaning goes, get the special creamy cleaner they sell for ceramic cooktops and you'll be happy!

Thanks Rachel, thanks Martine! We went to Canadian Tire and got the recommended cleaner creme yesterday...my mom (who was a fanatical cleaner, her kitchen never stopped looking new - I didn't get those genes) had one of these stoves and used her old-fashioned cast iron and Creuset on it all the time - I guess she was just careful. It seems to me that they would scratch the glass pretty easily...but most of mine are a cheap version of Caphalon. I'm about to cook dinner so we'll see what the maiden voyage is like!

Kia ora Beth,
I read this with a smile thinking of our own old stove which is starting to be a bit past it, but sure has cooked up a of fine meals. Last evening I had a friend around for a beer and he was standing in the kitchen and noticed one particular burner has a large blackish ring around it. I showed him my camp oven - which is a huge cast iron pot with a lid, and can be used to cook anything from bread to stews, or put straight into the oven. They used to be used in the huts in days when men lived in them culling deer. It fits perfectly over that burner. We enjoyed our beer and a great discussion about cooking. Sorry to ramble :) - Have a great weekend and enjoy the new stove, I am sure it will become a dear friend.

Sometimes I hope our stovetop with the cast iron burners will quit--the ovens already did and are replaced...

Good luck with the new book!

ah yes, I've lived with ceramic hobs for the last 6 years and they are, indeed, lovely, easy to clean, quick to glow, energy-efficient...

and I, in all my clumsiness, have yet to scratch a surface once, despite heavy-handed use of scouring pads and knives and heavy-bottomed pans

I wish you much happy cooking

I want details! What brand and model did you get?

It's a Kenmore -- one of the top-rated models by Consumer Reports, but not top-of-the-line. It has convection and a digital screen for the oven, the rest is pretty standard. And today J. discovered he could crank it up to 550 for pizza -- thoughhe did set off the smoke alarm!

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