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May 29, 2012


What an absolutely marvellous video! I don't know anything about this protest - but then I've been too wrapped up to keep in touch with recent news. Eager to read your take on this subject.

A wonderful work by Herbert Howells. Now there's a sentence you don't see every day. And, given I'm presently under the influence of Shaw's music criticism, it's one I have to wrestle with. Shaw didn't care for British composers (his catholic view also embraced Ireland in this matter) though by the time HH started composing Shaw was into other things. Parry was said to be "sickening for another oratorio" and there were more insults. I suppose he could be excused since his avowed purpose at that time was to sell Wagner to a hugely resistant public and eventually he - or at least his views - prevailed. Which leaves me mired with knee-jerk reactions towards certain composers, now more or less forgotten in the concert halls. The best way is to come by them privily. Parry, to my mind, did the best setting of Oh Mistress Mine, a judgement imposed via my adoration of the blessed Dame Janet. And I rehearsed Crucifixion as a choirboy, though was absent for the performance. Sorry, I've got nothing profound to say here. Just waffle.

Unë e kam për qëllim të post për diçka si kjo në faqen time dhe ju dha një ide. Cheers.

Your post and video caused me to read a bit about these protests. I am always sorry that though I live only 20 miles form the Canadian border I don't keep up with what's going on so close by. I will be interested in reading what you think about the issues of the protests, which seemed to start with arguments over tuition increases (and the whole question of public debt) to infringements on free assembly and expression.

Those were a fine looking group of people shown marching quite peacefully.

I'm so glad you are reporting on this. Thank you. Democracy Now is doing a pretty good job of reporting on this unrest, but there is nothing like an insider's view.

Beth, you live such a rich life -- gardening, singing, drawing, publishing, writing, cooking.... Etc.!!! Reading your posts is always a deep pleasure and an inspiration. Merci!

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