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May 16, 2012


Oh, those poor bananas, who for forty years thought they were safe from you. They had better run, as you make up for lost time!

I didn't even know you could be allergic to bananas. Now you must make up for lost time. Bananas for lunch, supper and snack. Banana pudding, banana cake and cookies, and you must write several odes to bananas . . .

I don't think we really have much of a clue about how the body decides to trip a switch on a particular food and activate a huge allergic response to it. It's intriguing that there is (apparently, possibly) a statute of limitations. I guess your body decided that bananas have done their time and can now be productive members of the food supply :-)

I think of Jack Winters, who brought his wife bananas and she said, "Oh Jack, how you spoil me!"

My mum broke out in a severe rash one day after eating some fish at a restaurant. She tried again some months later, again the same thing happened. So, for three years, she stopped eating seafood. And then one day, she tried it again, and she was fine. Human body. Huh.

Kia ora Beth,
All I can think of is a cheer from my high school days:
B A N A N A S's BANANAS - GO Bananas!
Have a great day!

I experienced "hay fever" during my teens and early twenties. Eyes glued shut with goo in the morning, sniffling, sneezing...misery all summer long. It simply went away. I have a friend who cannot be in the same room with a mango, and a nephew who is so allergic to shellfish he nearly died trying to catch a crayfish in the creek by his house.

I think of England and her North American colonies' aversion to tomatoes that lasted for more than a century. I guess an entire culture can have a bad experience with a fruit.

Now that you are eating them again, I wish you could try some of our home-grown bananas, which are far superior in taste and texture to commercial ones.

OK, when can we have a date for oysters and champagne then?

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