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June 01, 2012


by Efrain Huerta

Ought to


I really enjoyed this post Beth - inspirational!

I am a little nervous about it because of how it's been demonized through sports and stuff. I've done my research though and there doesn't seem to be really any significant side effects. So before I jump on board the HGH bandwagon can anybody give me any advice and possible side effects that could occur? Have any of you taken HGH Supplements before?.

I am very worried about where this is going to go. Fingers crossed for all of you.

So good to get the view straight from someone right there, not filtered by the news media, which can be so very mixed depending on biases. This is not just about tuitions going up, it is far far more. Bravo, Montrealers!

I'll take the liberty of supposing when you post on the students movement in Quebec as promised that,as an old conservative,I 'll likely not see it as you do.That said, i suspect i will join with you in decrying the Government's partial response of attempting to limit the right to assembly.The right to assembly is one of the pillars that underpin our freedoms.Its an astonishing misreading of where we came from.Sure protests are messy,but they keep the cracks in the pavement open.We should enlarge those cracks not attempt to pave them over.

Fantastic, Beth! I'm glad to hear your view of it. I had the same feeling when I marched along with the millions of anti Iraq war protesters here in London way back then, a sense of human solidarity and confidence that people united in peaceful but passionate protest really could change history. We didn't succeed in stopping the war but it seems that people-power is growing as a movement anyway and the Montreal pot-bangers are part of it.

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