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July 24, 2012


What a lovely little holiday in a gorgeous area, how I've enjoyed these posts. The history is interesting compared to our 'younger' west coast yet there are similarities in the landscape (minus our huge mountains). I can imagine you doing a drawing of that fascinating striped rock, Beth.

I can't believe I grew up in Quebec City and only went to Charlevoix once (that I can remember). Your blog posts make me want to go back and explore much more! (except for the black flies part...)

Marja-Leena, it was you I was thinking of as I wandered around these fascinating rocks! Too many to photograph. Jonathan says I must be drawn to geological hot spots...I'm planning some prints and maybe some small oil or pastel landscapes from the trip, so stay tuned!

When the black flies are exploring your food it does get to be a bit too much...but you should definitely go. Next time we'll stay longer and go to Tadoussac and the Saguenay.

A beautiful place; I love the white-painted interior of the chapel, different from anything you'd see here. Perhaps the flies aren't so bad earlier in the year, like Scottish midges?

To visit the Charlevoix region has now moved up a few levels on my 'want to do' list. Fascinating rocks. As if one were looking at them through striped curtains. And pic-nic on the rocks! A gift of a day.

Great memories. I particularly liked the last photo, Beth.

Lovely, Beth, these two Charlevoix posts. Thank you.

Knew there would be a Marja-Leena striped-rock comment! And the chapel is lovely. What a shame that it is a look-don't-touch thing now...

What a stunning place, Beth, one I knew nothing about and your photos are fantastic. Without the carnivorous flies it could be paradise!

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