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July 30, 2012


Voilà Montréal! Merci, Beth.

The question Dormez vous? is quickly answered: Not if you buy this bed.

I see three enemies of sleep on offer: a wrought-iron bedhead against which you may repeatedly bang your head, a wrought-iron bed-foot waiting like a bear-trap to grab your feet, and finally that evil device better suited to providing brief comfort on an executioner's block - un traversin.

The couple doing the testing must be clued-up anglo-saxons. By choosing to lie across the bed they are cleverly avoiding all three of these dubious French hindrances to domestic bliss.

Love these!

(LdP's right about the traversin though! Interesting to see this particular French detail has been transplanted to your side...)

Lovely to see Montreal at night. Montreal used to be my city when I lived in the north country--only place for good food and culture. I ate my first starfruit in Montreal... long ago.

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